About Us

Horizon Education and Migration Services Australia (HEMSA) was established in 2009 – ABN 32 137 530 619.

Our aim is to operate as an agent of number of Universities and TAFE colleges around Australia to attract international students from various parts of the globe.

At HEMSA we are aware that Australia is becoming increasingly popular study destination for students who wish to excel their qualification in various fields. Australia is appealing to the aspirant students belonging to almost any social and economic stratum to gain a top quality education. Australia is enjoyable place and has a safe lifestyle which is a bonus no student can resist.  The Directors of HEMSA came to Australia (Canberra) in 1994 as International Students and are now permanently settled in Australia.  We can share our personal experience with potential students and understand their position.  From our personal experience we now understand student’s expectations as well as the requirements of the educational institutions. 

HEMSA is already a registered agent for the University of Canberra and the Canberra Institute of Technology. HEMSA has set up representative arrangements in Dubai and Ghana to assist potential students.  The two locations have already been busy with student queries and we have already sourced a number of students from those locations.  

HEMSA will work closely with the respective Universities and TAFE colleges to ensure that we are targeting the right mix of students and will ensure that potential students are eligible to study in Australia, i.e. they meet all the admission and visa criteria.  We will be in contact with our contact person at respective institutions to ensure that we are aware of any changes to courses and also any changes to University/TAFE policies.

At HEMSA, we plan to have agency agreement with one university and one TAFE college in each state of Australia.  This will allow us to give options to potential students if they have any preference.