Welcome to HEMSA


HEMSA (Horizon Education and Migration Services Australia) was established in 2009. We are registered agents of the University of Canberra and the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Australia is an increasingly popular study destination with students from around the globe. Australia is appealing to the aspirant students belonging to almost any social and economic stratum to gain a top quality education. Australia is enjoyable place and has a safe lifestyle which is a bonus no student can resist.The Directors of HEMSA came to Australia as International students in mid 1990’s and are now permanently settled in Australia. We have first hand experience of coming to Australia as students and can share our learning experience. HEMSA has established office in three countries and will be expanding its Local Office Representative network in years ahead.

Why Canberra?

Canberra offers a fantastic lifestyle for you and your family, with an outstanding education system, excellent health services, shorter commuting times, plenty of fresh air and community living. Much of what is best about Australia can be found in the nation’s capital – it’s a clean, safe and relaxed place to live

Canberra has all the lifestyle amenities, city services and events of a world-class capital, yet the bush is on our doorstep and Sydney, the snowfields and south coast beaches are within easy reach.